Setup Cannot Find Setup.exe…

MS Office 2010 error message in Windows 7 Professional

I have  MS Office 2007 installed in my computer with Windows 7 Professional OS. I want to up-grade  for MS Office 2010. I purchased a package then tried to install it. I copied  all the installation files from the DVD to my hard drive. At the beginning of the installation it seemed to have no any problem but in the middle of my installation, It suddenly stopped and a pop up came out and said   “ Setup cannot find Setup.exe… etc.”

It tells me browse  a valid installation file.  I thought that there was an error or my copying is not complete. I tried to copy the files again and tried to install the package again. Then, the same thing happened again. I panic, but only to myself. I search the internet to learn the same errors is a hassle to other people also. I read blogs and

advising the users to check the installation files of not corrupted or purchased genuine installation package. But I already done that. I tried to check my installation files by using 7-zip. I compressed all installation file with 7-zip and test it. It found neither errors nor corruption. Then suddenly while reading forum it came to my mind that my windows installer have errors thus it could be system errors in my Operating System.

I open CMD command prompt from my system as administrator and check for disk errors and force to fix errors. I type ‘CHKDSK /c /r /f’ in the CMD. It prompt ‘Cannot Lock Current drive. Chkdsk cannot run  because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time  the system restarts? <Y/N>?’  The latter part is asking Yes or No. I type Y and ENTER.

I restarted my computer and let the CHKDSK run its process. It last about half an hour I got large bunch of files save in my system. Finally,  boot my computer and install the MS Office 2010 again and then yeah!!! Problem solved…


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